Perception altered

How easy is it to alter your perception of reality?  Why do we believe what we believe?  Why do we believe in dreams, superstitions, horoscopes?  Perhaps because they prey on our insecurities…on the small things that niggle at the back of our minds and grow so big that they threaten to overcome us.  The small things can become enormous – a dream becomes reality, you blame your bad day on having stepped on 3 pavement cracks, you don’t meet the man of your dreams which your horoscopes said you would so you blame your horoscopes.

Insecurities are crippling in today’s society.  We are constantly showed perfection, we laugh at the people who sing slightly out of tune in their X factor audition instead of praising them for having a go.  We criticise celebrities for their cellulite, spots and wonky nose job.  How are we supposed to confront people who so easily criticise?  But then we all do it – we all try something new to try and be someone we are not for a while.  I have mentioned a quote before on this blog that Stephen Fry said on Parky and I still think it’s a great point:  “Humans are the only creatures who try to be what they are not – you will never see a bear trying to be a duck.”  Animals have it easy!

Dreams can be good or they can be nightmares and I believe that they manifest what we have on our minds and the imprints of our day and put them in a way that we hadn’t previously been aware of (hence the weirdness of some of my dreams!).

I’m not a huge believer in superstitions or horoscopes I have to say.  Horoscopes are just something fun to read in the newspaper.

Cover of "The Secret"

Cover of The Secret

I think superstitions only hold sway if you believe in them.  If you believe enough that something is going to happen to you then it surely will happen.  This is a power that we should be harnessing for good rather than predicting bad things are going to happen.  (You must read “The Power” and “The Secret” which are all about the laws of attraction and how to attract all the things that you want in life to yourself.)

We are so overloaded with what we should think and feel and say by everyone with a keypad these days (myself included!) that perhaps our perception of reality has changed and become distorted.  Our lives become more stressful trying to keep up with society; our dreams become disturbed by our worries of not fitting in and being perfect; we become more stressed – our dreams become nightmares.  The only way out of this is to have a voice/several voices of reason in your life who will tell you the truth, bring you back to reality and offer support and a friendly ear (even when you are being mad!).  These are the people we should be listening to!  Thank you to my voices of reason.

Old technology

Record Player

Record Player (Photo credit: Rolf Venema)

We spend our whole lives these days trying to upgrade our lives and it’s a constant race! About a year ago I started regressing I think and bought myself a record player. So satisfying!When we were growing up we were very excited to have a tape recorder – record players were for grown ups to touch only. We might have got our sticky fingers on them. We did buy records, which I still have but the tape player was so much more fun! Tapes meant blank tapes, which meant you could make mix tapes; record the chart show and record yourselves being silly. The tapes are still somewhere under lock and key.

I remember Dad’s old typewriter and the sound it made. There was a bottle of tippex next to it for correcting mistakes. We did get an Atari computer with a few games on it but until my dissertation I didn’t really use a computer. The odd game here and there (Chuckie Egg), but essays at school were hand written and at university were word processed.

We had a telephone with a dialling circle – not good if you had to dial 999 quickly. We had a phone upstairs in Mum and Dad’s room as well as downstairs, which meant a bit of privacy to talk to friends and later boyfriends. You were never quite sure if someone was listening in though! Phones were attached to the wall so you couldn’t lose them. If you made arrangements with someone you made sure you were there to meet them. Mobiles didn’t exist until university days and even then not everyone had them.

Old telephone
Old telephone (Photo credit: macinate)