Ready-made talent


Shoemaking (Photo credit: daryl_mitchell)

Written for The Daily Post – the article is about “A Lost Art”.  My take on this is traditions which should have been passed down through the generations but have suddenly disappeared.  Do you know what crafts your ancestors did?  Mine mentioned below are only a couple of generations back but sadly I haven’t inherited any of the talent!  (Or not that I am aware of anyway!)

During my research of my family history I am coming across various professions.  We come from a very working class background filled with domestic servants, gardeners, agricultural labourers etc.  Occasionally though I come across somebody with a trade which fascinates me.  There is my great great grandfather Edwin who was a shoemaker in Brighton and all of the Hutchinsons in Worthing who were boatbuilders.  It got me wondering if I have hidden talents inside me that are just part of my blood?  Perhaps I could secretly knock up a pair of loafers, or a stylish pair of kittens?   I wouldn’t know, I’ve never tried and I wouldn’t know where to learn how to be a shoe maker.  Could I build a sturdy fishing boat or sailing boat and guarantee that it won’t sink?  Surely there’s a reality tv show in this.  We could discover a whole new generation of talent – useful and creative talent though rather than just the same old singing and dancing routine.  That would be something worth watching!

Bring it on!

The script is written and has been passed around to various people for approval; the first read through was a success but in a quiet, thoughtful way; the business plan has been written and rewritten.  This week was our appeal for help!  First stop, the drama group…

It’s quite a scary thing asking for help, and also asking people to believe in an idea that has only been between two people up until now.  At least we haven’t been asking for money too!  Thankfully, we have some good friends, who although looking shocked by what we planned to do, have come through and are offering to help.  Fantastic and a big thank you!  We are very lucky to have some very talented friends as well, some of whom are actors, others photographers, tech-y types and many who are just willing to lend a hand.

Next stop was to hand the booking form in and as of 11am this morning the theatre booking form was handed over and it all became real.  We are putting a play on in October!  Website will be up soon, casting next…