Old technology

Record PlayerWe spend our whole lives these days trying to upgrade our lives and it’s a constant race! About a year ago I started regressing I think and bought myself a record player. So satisfying!When we were growing up we were very excited to have a tape recorder – record players were for grown ups to touch only. We might have got our sticky fingers on them. We did buy records, which I still have but the tape player was so much more fun! Tapes meant blank tapes, which meant you could make mix tapes; record the chart show and record yourselves being silly. The tapes are still somewhere under lock and key.

I remember Dad’s old typewriter and the sound it made. There was a bottle of tippex next to it for correcting mistakes. We did get an Atari computer with a few games on it but until my dissertation I didn’t really use a computer. The odd game here and there (Chuckie Egg), but essays at school were hand written and at university were word processed.

We had a telephone with a dialling circle – not good if you had to dial 999 quickly. We had a phone upstairs in Mum and Dad’s room as well as downstairs, which meant a bit of privacy to talk to friends and later boyfriends. You were never quite sure if someone was listening in though! Phones were attached to the wall so you couldn’t lose them. If you made arrangements with someone you made sure you were there to meet them. Mobiles didn’t exist until university days and even then not everyone had them.

Old telephone
Old telephone (Photo credit: macinate)
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