Life goes on…

So much is happening at the moment.  I realised as I was catching  up with a friend over lunch yesterday and I ran through the list of what I was doing right now.  It’s all amazingly exciting though and of my own creation.  Our play – “In Me We Trust” now has its own website:  Please go and have a look and if you happen to be in Southwick in October please book tickets and come and see our play.  We have some casting left to do but it is all coming together nicely.

I started volunteering for the National Trust, which I love.  I am volunteering at the beautiful Monk’s House in Rodmell which was home to Virginia and Leonard Woolf.  The gardens are stunning and the house is small but perfectly formed.  No attempt has been made to “pretty it up”.  It is their style, their choices, their lives…a wonderful glimpse into the past.

I have also just published my own novel – a first!  I wrote “The Girl from the Sea” a fair while ago and was waiting for something to come along and tell me it was the right time.  What is the right time though?  There is never a right time to do anything.  Sometimes you just have to do what you believe is the right course of action.  I love the fact that my book is out there and is part of the Universe.  Even if it never amounts to very much – it’s mine!

Other than that it’s just every day stuff!

The ABC’s of life

I asked for answers recently and my eye happened to catch this by chance – it’s all there although I’m not too sure about X.  I have Wiki’d xeriscape and the definition is as follows – obviously a list created for gardeners:

The word xeriscaping is a portmanteau of xeros ξήρος (Greek for “dry”) and landscaping, and xeriscape is used for this style of garden. Xeriscaping refers to a method of landscape design that minimizes water use.

Well that doesn’t help!  It doesn’t really fit in a list like this.  The letter x has come to have much nicer words belonging to it and most importantly of all it signifies a kiss, so I think that is what I will have in my abc.