I have done a course in Reiki in the past but I have been very lapse in recent years in practising and I wonder why when it is such a wonderful thing – energy massage.  It works on yourself and it works on others including animals; it can aid healing and relaxation.  It leaves you feeling refreshed and positive and full of energy.  When you try it on others it doesn’t sap your energy and drain you – it makes you feel better to channel your energy into helping other people.  It gives you a quiet moment to focus on yourself and to be calm in the chaos of life.  If you’re practising on someone else it allows them to let go of everything for an hour – no mobile phone ringing, no children, no family, no dinner to prepare – just you.  I guarantee you’ll go back to your life and be a different person.  The day-to-day stuff won’t phase you…if you can’t manage an hour, try ten minutes.  Have a read of the articles below to learn more…I learnt the secrets of Reiki from The Wren Clinic in London and my cousin (who is a wonderful healer!).

The 5 Reiki Precepts:

For today only: Do not anger
                         Do not worry
                         Be humble
                         Be honest in your work
                         Be compassionate to yourself and others

“Everyone needs to be touched, stroked, cuddled, fondled and held.  Without this tactile stimulation, children and adults do not grow in a healthy way.  Their emotional selves grow gnarled, crooked, bent and deformed.  They can be smoothed, straightened, and supported by touch.”  (M. Burns – Time In: A handbook for child and youthcare professionals)


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