Bears and ducks

Stephen Fry said when he was interviewed on Parkinson:  “Humans are the only creatures who try to be what they are not – you will never see a bear trying to be a duck.”

What would happen in the world if bears did try to be ducks or if animals did imitate other animals?  Why are humans never happy with who they are?  And why are they so obsessed with stopping time, being eternally youthful and looking like the latest celeb hottie?  Everything I watch at the moment on TV seems to have stunning, perfect model types leading immaculate lives.  What happened to the slightly quirky looking actors and actresses with the flawed nose which made their face ever so much more interesting?  There is a whole generation of people who think that everyone looks symmetrical – what a shock they are going to get when they get off their sofa and go outside!  There is also now a generation who think that it is perfectly acceptable to surgically change what is not entirely perfect.  I think the lines on your face and the slight imperfections tell a story about you and your experiences: laughter, happiness, worry, doubt and fear – these are all things that make us individual.

2 thoughts on “Bears and ducks

  1. Very thought provoking. I guess it’s because we have the capacity to improve ourselves, and that our internal adventure doesn’t want us to stay still.

    However, I also believe that to know and accept who we are is just as important. For after all, knowing ones self is the path to wisdom within. Who was it that said “above all else to thy known self be true” which I think you have highlighted so well in this post.

  2. Was Polonius I think (@Glenn)

    I think it’s partly a symptom of people in the developed world having all our real needs met i.e. humans are designed not to just sit still and appreciate, we’re always meant to be on the go, storing up supplies for the lean times. But now that, in the developed world, we don’t on the whole have to worry to much about where our next meal will come from, we have to find somewhere to put all that energy and unfortunately we too often channel it into worrying about whether someone else’s nose is nicer than our own, or some such nonsense

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